JR Timber in Timmins, Ontario

If you are looking for great firewood this season…Look no further. Delivery service available.

What Else? Saunas Just For You!

Choose the sauna shape, size and features you want.
With a choice of panelling on all visible exterior sauna walls, these saunas can be installed free-standing in any room.

  • We offer unparalleled quality
  • Our custom built saunas fit your space perfectly
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Amazing Wood Products: Your Source In Northern Ontario!

Timmins finest specialty lumber store and mill shop.


We’ve Got The Tools To Deliver Wood

Stocking up for the winter months? Looking to stay warm? Need wood for the summer camping months? We sell to the general public, we also offer wholesale bundled firewood for sale to wholesale distributors, retail stores, campgrounds, marinas, and any other interested resellers. We offer scheduled, local deliveries within a select area.

Get Great Mulch Now! What Could Be Better?

Stop buying non-premium mulch at premium prices. Check us out instead. We deliver too!



We’re Family Run. Locally Owned & Operated!

You can buy lumber and other wood products from JR Timber by dropping by our yard or calling ahead.

  • Want to save money by seasoning firewood yourself? We also offer excellent quality green firewood for special rates during the spring months.
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