Dried, bundled, wrapped, labeled, and packaged to fit customer needs, JR Timber has the capability to produce large volumes of manufactured firewood for shipping and delivery.

Firewood can be manufactured by the splitting of smaller diameter logs or the edging and trimming of log slabs. Kiln drying the wood to drastically reduce moisture content is a necessity for certain destinations, but is an option for all customers.


A byproduct of the lumber business is wood suitable for burning in wood stoves and fireplaces. We offer locust and mixed hardwoods with a 3-5″ diameter and cut to 16″ lengths. We deliver or help load for customer pick-up. Firewood is sold by the cord or by weight.

Never worry about green wood again! JR Timber is now providing kiln dried firewood that is dry, clean, and bug free.

Chuck the furnace, buy firewood!

Did you know that in 2014, due to the price increase in Alberta, the natural gas price in Canada rose by 5.5% in February, followed by a 17.9% increase in March? (Statistics Canada, 2014). Due to the fact that this number is still on the rise, many individuals in Canada are converting to woodstoves and firewood to increase savings.