JR Timber employs a traditional logging crew. We specialize in thinning natural and plantation stands of timber as well as commercial development. Our work is typically “cleaner” than most competitors because we operate a chipper which utilizes all the fiber on site.


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Harvesting timber is hard work, requires skill and needs to be done very carefully as it can be dangerous. This process involves several steps. First, felling the tree involves cutting a notch (or v-shaped chunk) about halfway in the side of the tree towards the direction that you would like to the tree to fall in, and then cutting through the opposite side and stopping just before going through the trunk to enable the holding wood to act like a hinge and bring the tree to the ground. Second, extraction involves removing the tree from the forest and bringing it to a property by skidder, which brings us to the final step. This involves processing the lumber into firewood or milling it into lumber.